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I refinanced my townhome twice in last 6 months from Rohit, both times he gave excellent rates and hassle free service, and offered whatever he had initially committed. I would highly recommend Rohit.

Anuj Sareen from Hayward, CA

After talking to Rohit for the first time, I realized that he has a good knowledge about the market and refinancing process. He offered us a true zero cost loan. He was very transparent right from the beginning. I was changing the job in the middle of the refinancing. I informed this to at the very beginning and he made sure that lender/underwriter will have no issues. Also, the loan got closed very quickly. I would love to work with him again in the near future. I also highly recommend him to everyone.

Yogendra Ghatpande from Fremont, CA

Rohit helped me in my first home purchase & as well in Re-finance later on. When you buy your first home you definitely need someone knowledgable, caring & 100% transparent to confidently sign on the mortgage documents - Rohit delivers them all. Being an independent Mortgage consultant, the product recommendations from Rohit are absolutely suited to meet a customer's needs. He explains the finer details & gives enough time to make a decision. Even if you happen to lock the rates with him on one product and if the market happens to get you a better product before you close, he will transparently discuss those details with you & enable/guide you to make the right decision. He & his team ( Jhonny) definitely stand out in providing great customer experience end to end. I would highly recommend you to consider Rohit's services as your first choice for any Mortgage needs. Thanks Rohit & Team for all your services.

Ram from San Jose, CA

Its no surprise why Rohit Mohan has 5 Star reviews. Rohit helped us purchase our 1st home. We were referred to him by a good friend who has had extremely good experience working with Rohit. We were anticipating delay in closing due to Holidays and Covid-19. But Rohit and his team worked relentlessly through the holidays to help us meet the closing. He kept us well informed, set right expectations with clear communications. We also received sweet interest rates. Rohit was just 1 call away. He answered all our questions regarding lending, sometimes also explained the reason and history behind it. :) He is sound and keeps himself well updated to the latest. Thanks much for your help!

Kamlesh Mulchandani from Hayward, CA

Rohit is the GOLD STANDARD when it comes to mortgage lending. I have been working with Rohit for 15 years and every single time he delivers to his promise in providing solutions that put a smile on my face. Rohit is an incredible advisor as he takes the time to understand the customer needs and shares solution options that are relevant to them. I highly recommend working with Rohit and his extremely efficient and friendly team!!

Sandeep Sachdeva from Santa Clara, CA

Rohit has been awesome. He provided very good options when it came to refinancing and made sure we get the best. He answered all the questions and and was always available to talk. He was quick to respond and made sure our process moved swiftly.

sawantamitm from Newark, CA

Rohit is the best out there for mortgage financing. He not only got me the best rate for 30 years fixed but also got me credit (yes, credit!). Other mortgage brokers can help you get a good rate but Rohit goes beyond that. He asked me to wait to lock my interest rate till he felt the rate was perfect. At the right moment he locked it. He was able to predict short term interest rate fluctuations with very high accuracy. Therefore, he has a great knowledge of the bond market and is able to decide if one should wait for lower interest rates or not. I highly recommend Rohit Mohan!

dguptaa from Pleasanton, CA

From day one, Rohit made the process very easy to navigate. Appreciate the even lower rate than what I was promised! Also my emails were responded promptly.

Puneet Gurnani from San Ramon, CA

I am Very pleased with Rohit's service. He has been very helpful and prompt in response time. Entire staff is very polite and provided update on a daily basis. I will definitely recommend them to my friends & colleagues. My loan was closed in a record time. Thank you Rohit & team.

Tariq from Sunol, CA

It is pleasure to work with Rohit for my refinance. I worked with other lenders before and it was a lot of back and forth to get the documents and provide additional details as required by underwriters. But with Rohit and Johnny, they got the exact documents they need initially and helped me provide additional documents as required by underwriter with little effort. They did this very efficiently and it did not take much of my time at all. They completed my refinance in 2-3 weeks and delivered as they promised. Its a pleasure to work with Rohit and team and I recommended him to all my friends.

Srini from San Ramon, CA

Huge thanks to Rohit and Johnny for walking me through the process and helping me close on the loan all while dealing with the fluid situation with the world and the market. He called me multiple times to explain the process and in the end got me through a great loan. He recommended waiting when necessary and recommending taking action when necessary. No BS involved. Very happy with the experience.

nc22 from Woodside, CA

Rohit is remarkable to work with. He is exceptionally knowledgeable about the Mortgage process and offers the best possible rate to suit your requirements and very transparent. While we were going through our refinancing when the rates dropped, he immediately brought it to our attention and gave us the lower rate. That act in itself is amazing! He cheerfully answered our calls, texts and emails even at late evenings. This trait is hard to find these days. Thank you Rohit! Rohit’s team, especially Johnny needs a special mention. He kept us updated with documents and answered related queries. Working with Rohit was a wonderful experience and we would unhesitatingly recommend Rohit to anyone who needs a trustworthy, candid and proficient mortgage specialist.

ManjulaBabu from Union City, CA

Rohit is really knowledgeable and gave me very good advice. When I bought the home I really did not do much research and went with Rohit based on my realtor's advice. However, During refinance, I took my sweet time in shopping and compare almost 15 quotes and Rohit just had a better deal. Process aways had been smooth and he is always available to answer my all questions. Excellent rate and outstanding customer service and trusted.

kaushik vira from Fremont, CA

The entire experience was pretty smooth and well managed. Folks working with us were quick to respond to e-mails, extremely knowledgeable about the current market conditions and acted very professionally. More importantly, the rates offered were quite competitive as well.

ShreeKumar from San Jose, CA

Rohit Mohan from Calcoast Financial was my mortgage adviser for the first home that My wife and me purchased recently. It is without any question that the reason We own this house today is because of Rohit Mohan and his team at Cal Coast Financial Corp. There is simply no possible way this outcome would have been reached if he were not gently steering all parties - via countless calls, messages, updates and most critically, a very sound advice. He is a first-class professional. After the experience we just came through together, I would not consider working with anyone else for a mortgage. Thank You Rohit and Cal Coast Financial Corp Team!

Tejas Kanetkar from Pleasanton, CA

I came to Rohit first time when other agents were not able to close my mortgages but in same situation, Rohit was able to close my mortgage. He is well experienced and knows which lender to approach in the given financial situation of his client. In case of lender's query - he is sharp enough to find the way out ( in given client's situation) and reply to lender's query, least bothering to his client. I have worked with Rohit to buy as well as refinance my homes five times in four years every time I got best experience with him....! That is why I have rated 5 out of 5 !!!! Any of my friends talks about mortgage - I give Rohit name with full confidence without any hesitation...!!!

callmesunil4 from Fremont, CA

I would like to thank Rohit MOhan and his team wholeheartedly for their highly professional mortgage services in securing our home mortgage in 2017 for our house in San Francisco where there were a lot of complications and then recently completing our refinancing the same house. He is a joy to work with and is very transparent and informative. I would highly recommend him and his awesome team for all mortgage needs. Thanks again Rohit for all the help.

zuser201410102136224 from San Francisco, CA

Me and my wife have worked with Rohit Mohan and team for 3rd time and as always he delivers the best experience. He and his team follows up and answer any questions that you may have in the process. They are very knowledgeable. The process is completed on time and without stress.

Shriram D from Fremont, CA

My husband I had been looking to refinance our primary home, and had worked unsuccessfully with other realtors (lack of professionalism and slow responses) before I met Rohit Mohan. It was a breath of fresh air and he was very professional, and at the same time very patient, and knowledgeable. He got us the best rates possible and got the whole process done in a timely manner. I would recommend Rohit and his team for any refinancing or new financing projects for any home in the Bay Area.

user0341014 from Union City, CA

Rohit, the California Mortgage Guy, and his team are great to work with. He made sure he was always available to answer any queries I had right from the initial consultation all the way to the close of my refinance. He walked me over the process step by step and his team was always in touch with me towards the close of the loan. I ran into a small hick-up towards the end where I wasn't expecting to pay a certain amount, but after raising this concern, Rohit was right away on top of it and explained me that I am not paying anything extra instead was saving money. I am very satisfied with the services received by Rohit and his team and would highly recommend him for the mortgage needs.

Suket from San Jose, CA

Rohit is very knowledgeable and has great insight when it comes to loan financing/refinancing. He works hard to find the best rates at the best value for each individual situation. His team is very thorough, explains the steps to expect from start to finish, responds quickly-they just simply take the stress out of the entire loan process! Thanks Team!!

Sarah from Fremont, CA

Rohit and Johnny are fast and efficient in what they do. They gave me the best possible rates and service. They financed our 2nd home and also refinanced that home after a year. I tried to go with cheapest rate online during refi but ran into issues and came back to Rohit.

Sudheer from Hercules, CA

When I thought of buying a home, I spoke to a few lenders in the town, all of whom were fairly good. Then I spoke to Rohit for 5 minutes and I decided that he will be my loan agent! It just worked like that! Rohit is amazing! He not only possesses great knowledge but also has the rare ability to explain it in a very simple, lucid manner, almost in layman terms. He very quickly understands your unique position as far as your desire and affordability are concerned, and comes up with an optimum solution. In my case, I had to sell my old home and buy a new one. And he managed it very well, so that (1) We got the best rate possible, (2) It was smooth and hassle free, and most importantly (3) He was always very transparent , meticulously explaining us our plan A/plan B/plan C etc. Hardly you come across someone who is so knowledgeable but so easy to do business with. His team is great in documentation management and always completed everything ahead of schedule. It was Rohit who reminded me with a phone call that the interest rates are down now and I should take advantage of that by refinancing the house. Again, the refinancing was a very nice experience! Overall, I highly, highly recommend him!!

Joydeep B from Fremont, CA

I worked with Rohit and his team to refinance my home. He and his team offered me one of the best deal. They are very professional.

Jaydeep from Fremont, CA

It was great working with Rohit. He was very clear explaining technicalities from the first day and was proactive. Since I was a first time buyer I had lot of questions and Rohit was kind enough to take my calls whenever needed. I would definitely recommend him Rohit.

Ajay V from Fremont, CA

I heard about Rohit via FM92.3 and decided to give him a try. Super easy and nice to work with. Very knowledgeable. His advise and efforts saved me $$ as I refinanced from 5/1 ARM to 20-yr fixed at the right moment. Highly recommend him,

topramensf from San Francisco, CA

Great landing experience. I got the bets possible rates, greta customer service along with swift clouseing of loan. I'll strongly recommend to contact Mr. Rohit Mohan if you are looking for a full turnkey solutions for your mortgage woes.

Sandeep Kumar from Fremont, CA

"Lender had been very cooperative and the Financial process of buying home had been seamless! The closing process was very fast! Just within 20 days of locking, the transaction had been completed."

~ user33097257

"Done in timely manner and the staff was very aware of my financial situation Mohan was very propmt on returning my phone calls and worked with me on packaging the loan for my home."

~ solopatel4

"It was a great pleasure to work with Rohit. He is always on top of your application and keeps you constantly informed throughout the process. He operates at the speed of light and educates you in the process. Rates offered by his mortgage company are the best in the market and you can be assured of quality service. Rohit is extremely knowledgeable and well regarded expert in his field. He was able to instill confidence in me before starting the loan application process. The whole experience was a very smooth and rewarding journey. In this process he was not only able to educate me but also correct some of the well-known lenders/brokers who were trying to mislead me with incorrect loan and qualification information. I am truly amazed by Rohit’s expertise and without him, our home buying dream would have been incomplete. Thank you, Rohit for everything you did for us. I will not hesitate to refer you to anyone looking for a reliable, knowledgeable, responsive, and honest loan agent."

~ bdahake

"I have done a couple of transactions with Rohit and I must say it has been a great experience every single time. Rohit is very experienced and extremely transparent. In my last transaction my wife was about to travel out of country but Rohit arranged for her Power Of Attorney and also made sure we get a great rate! We loved dealing with him and will recommend him to everyone. I will look forward to dealing with him for our next house. "

~ Sudeep Dua

"We bought our first home and we were glad that we selected Rohit as our mortgage broker! He is very knowledgeable and helped us understand our different options without being pushy! He also raised some good red flags in advance so that we had enough time to address those issues!"

~ user40640117

"I had a great experience with Rohit, Refinance process was smooth everything was as expected. I would recommend Rohit for refinancing. Rohit offers the most competitive rates in the Industry. I think he is one of the best mortgage specialists in the Industry."

~ Datta77

"We recently worked with Rohit and his team to close the loan for our house. I must say working with them was one of the best decisions we made. Rohit is very knowledgeable and creative when it comes to mortgage solutions. He will ensure you get the best rate and are able to afford the house you want to buy. He goes really above and beyond his job of being a loan officer and will guide you every step of the way. His team is very professional and always on top of all key milestones. I am definitely going to recommend his name to my friends looking for a new loan/ refinance and we will surely give him a call if we need one in future."

~ zuser20160827051646071